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SMT training



he SMT Master Course was designed to provide in-depth practical process understanding to those individuals interested in ensuring quality in electronic assemblies. This course was developed from a need to improve yields on the production floor. It was designed to provide practical process understanding to the individuals who produce SMT products daily. Students will leave this program with a deeper technical understanding of SMT processes, and the confidence to know how and where they fit in.

This is not a "how to" class that describes which button to push... and it's not a purely theoretical course that is difficult to apply to reality... It is a program which answers the question "why" the surface mount process works the way it does.


Communication is one of the most fundamental limitations in many manufacturing environments today. Turnover and attrition make simple concepts difficult to maintain. Great efforts have been made to explain process issues in simple terms with diagrams, with an emphasis on yield improvement and an understanding of process variables.


This program provides a solid technical foundation, and a systematic understanding of SMT processes – promoting excellence, accelerated problem-solving, and enhanced communication at every level.


This course was designed with you in mind. It is suited for SMT operators, technicians and engineers. Quality managers – particularly those with limited experience in SMT production environments – will also benefit greatly from this material.

This course covers the following subject matter:

SMT History & General Theory:
  • History of SMT
  • Technical Issues
  • SMT Types Defined
  • SMT Process Defined
  • SMT Components
  • Substrates
Screen Printing & Solder Paste:
  • Solder Paste Rheology
  • Solder Paste and Stencil Handling
  • Screen Printing Process and Variables
  • Common Problems and Solutions
Adhesive Dispensing:
  • Adhesive Defined
  • Adhesive Selection Objectives
  • Dispensing Methods
  • Adhesive Cure Profile
  • Handling Adhesives
  • Common Problems and Solutions
Pick & Place:
  • Pick and Place Equipment
  • Math Review
  • How Pick and Place is Accomplished
  • Common Problems and Solutions
  • Pick and Place Inspection Criteria
  • Basic Principles of Soldering
  • Heat Transfer
  • Flux Classification
  • Cleaning Criteria
Reflow Soldering:
  • Reflow Soldering Equipment
  • The Reflow Profile
  • The Optimized Profile
  • Reflow Defect Mechanisms
  • Common Problems and Solutions
  • Reflow Inspection Criteria
Wave Soldering & Cleaning:
  • Wave Solder Equipment
  • Wave Solder Process
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Cleaning Process
  • Wave Soldering Inspection Criteria
  • Rework Philosophies
  • Rework Methods
  • The Rework Process
  • BGA Rework
Material Handling:
  • ESD
  • Moisture Sensitive Devices
  • General Handling Criteria
The Process:
  • Pareto's Law
  • The Yield Equation
  • Problem Solving Tools
  • The Operators Role
  • The Engineers Role

Please contact us at Process Sciences, Inc. at (512) 259-7070, FAX (512) 259-7073 or email us if you need further information or would like to register for a class. For your convenience this page is also available for download as a PDF file here.